Top 50 arc open source projects

1. Vps
A handy bash script to setup crypto masternodes in no time. Initially developed for $PIVX. Now many more ;-)
2. Flutter Shapeofview
Give a custom shape to any flutter widget, Material Design 2 ready
3. Zephyr.js
JavaScript* Runtime for Zephyr* OS
4. Ngx Gauge
A highly customizable Gauge component for Angular 9+ apps and dashboards
5. Bixo
Bixo is an open source web mining toolkit that runs as a series of Cascading pipes on top of Hadoop. By building a customized Cascading pipe assembly, you can quickly create specialized web mining applications.
✭ 139
6. Arcseekbar
🎡 ArcSeekBar 一个弧形可拖动进度条控件。弧形大小,弧度,颜色渐变等配置完全可定制化
7. Mailserver
⚠️ UNMAINTAINED - Simple and full-featured mail server using Docker
9. Jtbin
Binary RBF files for MiST(er) FPGA cores
✭ 82
10. Arcprogressstackview
Present your progress bars in arc mode with information and total control.
11. Dynamicoc
深入理解 iOS 热修复原理
12. Maker.js
📐⚙ 2D vector line drawing and shape modeling for CNC and laser cutters.
13. Segmentedarcview
Unique & beautiful segmented arc view with rich customisation options! RTL supported.
14. Arcropolis
Work-in-progress file replacement plugin for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
15. Anarki
Community-managed fork of the Arc dialect of Lisp; for commit privileges submit a pull request.
16. Rainbow
arc in java
✭ 51
17. Viewpagerhelper
这个一个 viewpager/viewpager2工具类,能够帮你快速实现导航栏轮播图,app引导页,viewpager/viewpager2 + fragment;内置多种tab指示器,让你告别 viewpager 的繁琐操作,专注逻辑功能
19. Arc
Experimental fork of, primarily for keyword args and generic functions
✭ 13
20. Sehm
s-expression based html markup for arc
✭ 9
21. Sweetscript
A lispy language that compiles into JavaScript, strongly influenced by Arc.
✭ 15
24. Trail Android
🚕 Simple, smooth animation for route / polylines on google maps using projections.
25. Hackernews
Hacker News web site source code mirror.
✭ 410
27. sonar-sonargraph-integration
SonarQube Sonargraph Integration Plugin
28. Cloud-HPC-Hackathon-2021
Cloud Hackathon for Arm-based HPC with AWS and Arm
29. framework
The Arcane Framework for HPC codes
30. lambda-shell-commands
AWS Lambda shell commands in $PATH available to runtime subprocesses
31. laarc
32. atrinik
No description, website, or topics provided.
34. arcueid
A C interpreter for Paul Graham's Arc dialect of Lisp
35. Reggie
Editor for New Super Mario Bros. Wii data files
✭ 64
37. ck-caffe2
Integration of Caffe2 to Collective Knowledge workflow framework to provide unified CK JSON API for AI (customized builds across diverse libraries and hardware, unified AI API, collaborative experiments, performance optimization and model/data set tuning):
38. forcebalance
Systematic force field optimization.
39. arclite
A JavaScript port of Paul Graham's Arc programming language
40. CDX-Writer
Python script to create CDX index files of WARC data
✭ 14
42. currency-api
A demo project on how to test a node/express app with Mocha, Nock and proxyquire (MNP) and code coverage with nyc/istanbul.
43. node-en-vivo
Node.js En Vivo - Ejemplos de Código
44. data
[deprecated] Generate a DynamoDB data access layer from an .arc file. Automatically disambiguates testing (in memory) from deployment staging and production tables
45. parser, .arc, arc.json, arc.yaml, and arc.toml support
46. arc-js
An Arc-language compiler and VM-interpreter written in JavaScript.
47. LibreDWGConverter
This project is a standalone converter between the proprietary DWG format and free CAD formats
✭ 23
48. voml
Another Readable Configuration
50. beatportify
An app to help you buy the music you stream
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