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Angular Google Maps Directives
Gmaps Api Net
C# google maps api interface for interacting with the backend web services for Google Maps
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Java API for using Google Maps within a JavaFX application.
Laravel Auth
Laravel 8 with user authentication, registration with email confirmation, social media authentication, password recovery, and captcha protection. Uses offical [Bootstrap 4]( This also makes full use of Controllers for the routes, templates for the views, and makes use of middleware for routing. The project can be stood u…
Jquery Auto Geocoder
jQuery plug-in to automatically geocode and display a location entered.
Marker Animate Unobtrusive
Google Maps markers become animated, unobtrusively
Meteor Google Maps
🗺 Meteor package for the Google Maps Javascript API v3
React Native Open Maps
🗺 A simple react-native library to perform cross-platform map actions (Google or Apple Maps)
R Package for accessing and plotting Google Maps
Twitter Intelligence
Twitter Intelligence OSINT project performs tracking and analysis of the Twitter
Airbnb Android Google Map View
This is a sample Android Application which has Google Map view similar to what AirBnb Android Application. Moving Markers like Uber/Ola. Custom Google Search for places. Recycler view with Animations added.
Google Maps
Google Maps Web Services API wrapper for .NET
React Native Maps
React Native Mapview component for iOS + Android
Android Place picker dependent on Google places, made a custom version so I could style it anyway I wanted for my current project, WIP
Load Google Maps Api
🌏 A lightweight Promise-returning helper for loading the Google Maps JavaScript API
Easily switch between Google, Baidu and OSM maps
👬 Meet In The Middle
A simple yet highly configurable bot that tweets geotagged aerial imagery of a random location in the world.
Explore Flutter Firestore
This is a Flutter App with Firebase's Cloud FireStore Database and Google Map. This app represents that Beautiful UI can be implemented with the Best Performance.
A view abstraction to provide a map user interface with various underlying map providers
Virtual Walk
Virtual walks in Google Street View using PoseNet and applying Deep Learning models to recognize actions.
This is navigation example on google map. Here Marker move as vehicles moves with turns as uber does in their app. Using old and new coordinates animating bearing value the markers are moving.
A beautifully simple map field type for Craft CMS.
Track My Location
Android real-time location tracker app (learn using Firebase 🔥, Google Maps & Location Api) 🌐
Free Android Map Place Picker alternative using Geocoder instead of Google APIs
Laravel Google Maps Package
this library Drawing polygon, polyline and points in Google Map and return coordinates to your App
Eon Map
Realtime maps with PubNub and MapBox.
Google Map to use create path on map and play vehicle on path like Uber and Ola
Google Maps React
Companion code to the "How to Write a Google Maps React Component" Tutorial
Vue Gmaps
Search places and address using Google Maps API
Customize iOS MapKit using Google JSON styles
Blazor interop for GoogleMap library
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Maps Location History
Get, Concatenate and Process you location history from Google Maps TimeLine
Instagram Clone
Web/Android/iOS app to share photos on Google Maps in < 300 lines of code. Features REST API, shake to undo, OAuth login etc.
Wagtail Geo Widget
Wagtail-Geo-Widget is the complete map solution for your Wagtail site.
Placeline Nextjs
HyperTrack Placeline web application sample using NextJS, Ant-Design, Styled-Components, and Heroku
Googlemaps Scraper
Google Maps reviews scraping
React Places Autocomplete
React component for Google Maps Places Autocomplete
Simple Google Maps address formatter for Wagtail fields
Making Maps With React
🌐 Example React components for React-Leaflet, Pigeon Maps, React MapGL and more
Curve Fit
Curve-Fit is an Android library for drawing curves on Google Maps
Leaflet Geoman
🍂🗺️ The most powerful leaflet plugin for drawing and editing geometry layers
A (Progressive) Web App to find, map and review bike parkings in the cities of Brazil.
Django Places
A django app for store places with autocomplete
This android library is helpful for google map marker animation with Smooth turn and movement.
A simple demo of Google Places.
Magento2 Google Address Lookup
Provides an address lookup service on a Magento 2 store powered by the Google Places API
A Google Maps Javascript plugin for jQuery.
Pizza Delivery
university project : Android pizza delivery app
Maps Android Folding map
Sample showing how to create a folding map effect using the Google Maps Android API v2 and FoldingLayout
React Native Maps Directions
Directions Component for `react-native-maps`
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