Top 43 photo-gallery open source projects

The Zenphoto open-source gallery and CMS project
An easy to use, simple to manage, web photo gallery written in PHP.
Manage local photos on Android: gallery, geotag with photomap, privacy, tags, find, sort, view, copy, send, ... .
Bootstrap Photo Gallery
jQuery plugin that converts your list of images into a grid-based gallery on Bootstrap 4. Supports larger view in a modal with next / previous controls
React Bnb Gallery
Simple react-based photo gallery inspired by Airbnb image gallery.
Photato - The personal Pictures gallery
A simple and customizable Android full-screen image viewer with shared image transition support, "pinch to zoom" and "swipe to dismiss" gestures
Manage your photos with Piwigo, a full featured open source photo gallery application for the web. Star us on Github! More than 200 plugins and themes available. Join us and contribute!
Picker - A CameraX based WhatsApp Style Image-Video Picker
Port of the original GMImagePicker component to Xamarin.iOS
Templates Using Bootstrap4
🌆 Here I've aggregated some of the most commonly used web-page templates made using Bootstrap4 🛒
Phugo [ˈfjuːgəʊ] is a gallery/photoblog theme for Hugo.
Lychee V3
A great looking and easy-to-use photo-management-system you can run on your server, to manage and share photos.
Django Photoblog
Photographer portfolio website powered by Django Framework. Features photo gallery with infinite scrolling, tagging, thumbnail generation and CMS for creating pages. Configured for Heroku and S3.
Super Image Picker is a powerful image selector. Support for huge image preview (such as 10000 * 5000px), support for image cropping, configurable avatar mode and normal mode, support for a variety of image load library
Web's most easy to integrate lightbox gallery library. Super-lightweight, outstanding performance, no dependencies.
Photo gallery for self-hosted personal servers
Pix is a Whatsapp image picker replica. with this, you can integrate an image picker just like WhatsApp.
A directory-first photo gallery website, witch rich UI, optimised for running on low resource servers (especially on raspberry pi)
Ask permissions with ready-use interface. You can check status permission and if it has been requested before. Support SwiftUI.
Photo Picker Of Android Library
📸 Instagram-like image picker for Android (一款 UI 炫酷高仿 Instagram 的图片、视频选择器)
Family Connections - Create a private family website.
📷 QuickRawPicker is a free and open source program that lets you cull, pick or rate raw photos captured by your camera. It is also compatible with the XMP sidecar file used by Adobe Bridge/Lightroom/Darktable or PP3 sidecar file used by Rawtherapee.
Self-hosted Image Hosting solution. Start your own Flickr/imgur alternative with your own rules.
Vision CoreML-App
This app predicts the age of a person from the picture input using camera or photos gallery. The app uses Core ML framework of iOS for the predictions. The Vision library of CoreML is used here. The trained model fed to the system is AgeNet.
Next generation gallery. Exceptional images deserve an exceptional presentation.
Dead simple solution to add a photo gallery to a Jekyll site.
Show all images in a folder with PHP. A simple PHP tool to list all images in a folder.
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