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Next Netlify Starter
A one-click starter project for Next and Netlify
Productivity Frontend
Productivity Application - Kanban Style Productivity Management Application with Customizable Boards, Lists and Cards to Make You More Productive.
The Hugo boilerplate we use for our projects.
Wp Jamstack Deployments
A WordPress plugin for JAMstack deployments
Netlify Statuskit
Netlify StatusKit is a template to deploy your own Status pages on Netlify.
Algoliasearch Netlify
Official Algolia Plugin for Netlify. Index your website to Algolia when deploying your project to Netlify with the Algolia Crawler
Netlify Functions Workshop
Netlify Serverless Functions Workshop
Here Covid 19 Tracker
Using HERE Technologies APIs, fork and build your own COVID-19 Tracker. For a live version, see the website.
Jamstack Web Starter
Static website workflow utilising Eleventy, Tailwind CSS, Webpack and PostCSS.
Netlify Express
Express.js hosted on Netlify
Eleventy Starter Ghost
A starter template to build websites with Ghost & Eleventy
Nuxt Netlify Cms Starter Template
⚡ Build server-less, static websites with Vue.js and Netlify CMS.
Gatsby Graphcms Ecommerce Starter
Swag store built with GraphCMS, Stripe, Gatsby, Postmark and Printful.
Jamstack Serverless
Learn JAMstack Serverless Modern App Development in Baby Steps using Gatsby.js, React, TypeScript, GraphQL, Contentful, Netlify, FaunaDB, MongoDB, Apollo, Github Actions, Project Fugu, and CSS Houdini.
Next Adventure
A crowdsourced, mad-lib, choose your own adventure story!
Next Netlify Blog Starter
A lightweight markdown blog starter built with Next.js 9.5+ and Netlify
Js Client
A Open-API derived JS + Node.js API client for Netlify
Nextjs Netlify Blog Template
Next.js blogging template for Netlify
Netlify Menubar
Netlify menubar app to receive build information or trigger new builds
11st Starter Kit
11ty, powered by Snowpack with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js.
Actions Netlify
🚀 Netlify deploy from GitHub Actions
Eleventy Starter Boilerplate
🚀 Eleventy Starter is production-ready with SEO-friendly for quickly starting a blog. ⚡ Built with Eleventy, ESLint, Prettier, Webpack, PostCSS, Tailwind CSS and Netlify CMS (optional).
Next Js Blog Boilerplate
🚀 Nextjs Blog Boilerplate is starter code for your blog based on Next framework. ⚡️ Made with Nextjs, TypeScript, ESLint, Prettier, PostCSS, Tailwind CSS.
Gatsby Starter Lumen
A constantly evolving and thoughtful architecture for creating static blogs.
Gridsome Forestry Starter
Gridsome starter kit with Forestry (CMS)
Static site and resume generator from YAML based profile for students and researchers. Generates ready to deploy branches via github actions.
Todolist Frontend Vuejs
Front-end application for Todolist Web application built with Laravel and Vue.js
Gray Matter
Contributing Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.
Jamstack Comments Engine
An example of a comments engine you could add to any JAMstack site hosted on Netlify
HospitalRun website
Elm Batteries
Learn how Elm, Parcel, Cypress and Netlify work together. Get started with Elm navigation, routes, remote data and decoder.
Neat Starter
Starter Template for Netlify CMS, Eleventy, Alphine JS & Tailwind CSS
Zip It And Ship It
Intelligently prepare Node.js Lambda functions for deployment
Gatsby Starter Saas Marketing
☁️ A simple one page marketing site starter for SaaS companies and indie hackers
Nuxt Netlify
Dynamically generate `_headers` and `_redirects` files for Netlify in your Nuxt.js projects
Gatsby Shopify Theme
🛒 Simple theme to build a blazing simple and fast store with Gatsby and Shopify.
Portfolio Template
An Open-Sourced Template for developers to show-off there skills. Made with ReactJS
My blog site, powered by Eleventy and Netlify
Gatsby Starter Procyon
An opinionated Gatsby starter designed for trash-eating pandas.
Ryan Wiemer's Digital Portfolio
Gatsby Mdx Netlify Cms Starter
Gatsby-MDX with Netlify CMS. Support React components in your CMS editor!
Purescript React Realworld
A real-world application demonstrating PureScript and React
Gatsby Advanced Starter
A high performance skeleton starter for GatsbyJS that focuses on SEO/Social features/development environment.
Middleman Template
The base Middleman application used at thoughtbot, ready to deploy to Netlify.
Netlify Cms React Starter
A starter project for creating lightning-fast, offline-first websites with Netlify-CMS and React
🤠 My website, built with Gatsby, Styled-Components & DatoCMS
🔥 Open source static (serverless) status page. Uses hyperfast Go & Hugo, minimal HTML/CSS/JS, customizable, outstanding browser support (IE8+), preloaded CMS, read-only API, badges & more.
Seed Quickstart Webpack
Template for web apps with Seed (Rust framework), TailwindCSS and Webpack.
Starter Academic
🎓 Easily create a beautiful academic résumé or educational website using Hugo, GitHub, and Netlify
Ecommerce Netlify
🛍 A JAMstack Ecommerce Site built with Nuxt and Netlify Functions
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