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Machine Learning
Code for the blog post Nearest Neighbors with Keras and CoreML
Kervolution Library in PyTorch (CVPR 2019 Oral)
Simple Implementation of Network Intrusion Detection System. KddCup'99 Data set is used for this project. kdd_cup_10_percent is used for training test. correct set is used for test. PCA is used for dimension reduction. SVM and KNN supervised algorithms are the classification algorithms of project. Accuracy : %83.5 For SVM , %80 For KNN
A header-only C++ library for k nearest neighbor search with Eigen3.
Machine learning algorithm such as KNN,Naive Bayes,Logistic Regression,SVM,Decision Trees,Random Forest,k means and Truncated SVD on amazon fine food review
A machine learning exercise, using KNN to classify deforested areas
Handwritten-Digits-Classification-Using-KNN-Multiclass Perceptron-SVM
🏆 A Comparative Study on Handwritten Digits Recognition using Classifiers like K-Nearest Neighbours (K-NN), Multiclass Perceptron/Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Support Vector Machine (SVM) discussing the pros and cons of each algorithm and providing the comparison results in terms of accuracy and efficiecy of each algorithm.
Machine learning trading algorithm
Master's degree project: Development of a trading algorithm which uses supervised machine learning classification techniques to generate buy/sell signals
Mobile(iOS) Text-to-Image search powered by multimodal semantic representation models(e.g., OpenAI's CLIP). Accepted at NAACL 2022.
FUKinect-Fall dataset was created using Kinect V1. The dataset includes walking, bending, sitting, squatting, lying and falling actions performed by 21 subjects between 19-72 years of age.
Automatic license plate recognition for Indonesian plate (White on black)
dlime experiments
In this work, we propose a deterministic version of Local Interpretable Model Agnostic Explanations (LIME) and the experimental results on three different medical datasets shows the superiority for Deterministic Local Interpretable Model-Agnostic Explanations (DLIME).
paccmann kinase binding residues
Comparison of active site and full kinase sequences for drug-target affinity prediction and molecular generation. Full paper:
Implementing Content based and Collaborative filtering(with KNN, Matrix Factorization and Neural Networks) in Python
Formed trajectories of sets of points.Experimented on finding similarities between trajectories based on DTW (Dynamic Time Warping) and LCSS (Longest Common SubSequence) algorithms.Modeled trajectories as strings based on a Grid representation.Benchmarked KNN, Random Forest, Logistic Regression classification algorithms to classify efficiently t…
Portrait FCN and 3D Reconstruction
This project is to convert PortraitFCN+ (by Xiaoyong Shen) from Matlab to Tensorflow, then refine the outputs from it (converted to a trimap) using KNN and ResNet, supervised by Richard Berwick.
To identify the driver's drowsiness based on real-time camera image and image processing techniques. 졸음운전 감지 시스템. OpenCV
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