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Коннектор: удобный HTTP-клиент для 1С:Предприятие 8
Awesome Web Storage
😎 Everything you need to know about Client-side Storage.
🍪 Cookie Manager for React Native
Privacy Badger is a browser extension that automatically learns to block invisible trackers.
Vue Warehouse
A Cross-browser storage for Vue.js and Nuxt.js, with plugins support and easy extensibility based on Store.js.
Ngx Store
Angular decorators to automagically keep variables in HTML5 LocalStorage, SessionStorage, cookies; injectable services for managing and listening to data changes and a bit more.
Next Firebase Auth
Simple Firebase authentication for all Next.js rendering strategies
A persistent CookieJar implementation for OkHttp 3 based on SharedPreferences.
Ember Cookies
Cookies abstraction for Ember.js that works both in the browser as well as with Fastboot on the server
Straightforward HTTP session management
jQuery plugin to display cookie consent message (EU regulation)
Mern Login Signup Component
Minimalistic Sessions based Authentication app 🔒 using Reactjs, Nodejs, Express, MongoDB and Bootstrap. Uses Cookies 🍪
Theming Demo
Signed and unsigned cookies based on Keygrip
⚡A powerful HTTP router and URL matcher for building Deno web servers.
Cookie Autodelete
Firefox and Chrome WebExtension that deletes cookies and other browsing site data as soon as the tab closes, domain changes, browser restarts, or a combination of those events.
基础框架系统,支持.NET和.NET Core平台,语言:C#,DB支持MySql和SqlServer,主要功能有抽象持久化、服务层,将业务基本的增删改查抽离复用;提供代码生成器从DB生成实体、持久化、服务以及MVC控制器,每层依赖接口,并需要在客户端将对应实现层用Autofac程序集依赖注入,用AOP提供日志跟踪、事务、模型验证等。对Autofac、Redis、RabbitMQ封装扩展;DB访问提供自动主从访问,Redis客户端分区。特别适合管理系统。
Gdpr rails
Rails Engine for the GDPR compliance
Next Iron Session
🛠 Next.js stateless session utility using signed and encrypted cookies to store data
Borrow cookies from your browser's authenticated session for use in Python scripts.
Polish Ads Filter
CertyficateIT - Oficjalne polskie filtry do Adblock, uBlock Origin, Adguard
React Native Login
📱 An example React Native project for client login authentication
Cookie crimes
Read local Chrome cookies without root or decrypting
Cookie Universal
Universal cookie plugin, perfect for SSR
Ngx Cookie Service
Angular (4.2+ ...11) service for cookies. Originally based on the `ng2-cookies` library.
Vue Cookies
A simple Vue.js plugin for handling browser cookies
React Cookie Consent
A small, simple and customizable cookie consent bar for use in React applications.
Samesite Examples
Examples of using the SameSite cookie attribute in a variety of language, libraries, and frameworks.
✭ 289
Adamantium Thief
🔑 Decrypt chromium based browsers passwords, cookies, credit cards, history, bookmarks, autofill. Version > 80 is supported.
Auth Boss
🔒 Become an Auth Boss. Learn about different authentication methodologies on the web.
A free solution to the EU, GDPR, and California Cookie Laws
Simple cookie framework with full Unicode support
Zebra Cookie
A ridiculously small (~500 bytes minified) JavaScript API for writing, reading and deleting browser cookies
C# library for the collection of browser information such as cookies, logins, and more
Instagram mass account creator with proxies 🔃 and cookies 🍪 support
nginx cookie flag module
Module for Nginx which allows to set the flags "HttpOnly", "secure" and "SameSite" for cookies.
Display the information about cookies on your Contao website
Library for angular universal app
Go code to read cookies from browser cookie stores.
✭ 81
🍪 A CLI tool and library allowing to simply decode all kind of BigIP cookies.
Cookie consent with accessible dialog, agnostic tag triggers and conditional content, script and embed hooks.
A middleware of cookies persistence for Scrapy
A bot for FaucetCrypto a cryptocurrency faucet. The bot can currently claim PTC ads, main reward and all the shortlinks except and
🛠 Node.js stateless session utility using signed and encrypted cookies to store data. Works with Next.js, Express, NestJs, Fastify, and any Node.js HTTP framework.
Manage your cookies on client and server side (Angular Universal)
A simple, lightweight module for handling cookies
A React hook for managing cookies with no dependencies.
Convenient way to use cookies with PSR-7
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