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Top 56 firebase-authentication open source projects

Vue Comment Grid
💬 Responsive Vue.js comment system plugin that built with CSS Grid and Firebase REST API + Authentication.
Next Firebase Auth
Simple Firebase authentication for all Next.js rendering strategies
The Road To React With Firebase
📓The Road to React with Firebase: Your journey to build business applications with React and Firebase.
Food lab
A Food App using Flutter & Firebase to post and view food blogs along with their recipes.
Flutter Otp Authentication
A Flutter based OTP Authentication component, used to verify your mobile number with OTP (One Time Password) using Firebase Authentication.
Firebaseauth Android
Firebase Authentication code guideline for Android developer
Firebase Phone Verification Android
Android Custom Firebase Phone Verification
Wanderlust The Travellers App
👟 An android application for travellers which allows them to save their journey experiences at one place in an organizable way. For detailed description, read the file. Moreover, the application's design follows the latest HCI and UI/UX design guidelines.
Angular Shoppingcart
ShoppingCart (Ecommerce) 🛒 Application using Angular10, Firebase, PWA, Drag&Drop, Materialized Bootstrap and i18n 🚀🔥👨‍💻
Angularfirebase Authentication
Learn to create complete Angular 7 Firebase 5 authentication system tutorial from scratch. Learn how to setup sign In, sign up using custom email and password, social login provides such as Google and Facebook, protect routes using canActivate method.
Firebase Authentication With Angular
🔥 Angular tutorial to setup Firebase Authentication with Angular. Learn how to setup social login providers such as Facebook, Twitter and Google and also custom email/password authentication.
Simple Blog application in Android completely based on Firebase using Firebase-RealTimeDB, Firebase-Auth, Firebase-Storage, Firebase-CloudMessaging, Firebase-AdMob
FirebaseApp is built for learning purposes, especially to see how Firebase Products work together.
Learn how to implement firebase authentication into strapi.
Ionic UI component for firebase authentication powered by @firebase, @angular and @angular/fire
Simple integration between FastAPI and cloud authentication services (AWS Cognito, Auth0, Firebase Authentication).
⚡ An architectural framework for Android apps that use Firebase services 🔥
Complete Sign up and Sign in Process for iOS SwiftUI - using Firebase Email and Password Authentication.
The easiest way to build an admin dashboard for your SaaS. Fully functional user management, UI and routing.
This project have UI design of Phone SMS verification and with firebase phone authentication complete working
Basic user profile management built on Angular 1.x and Firebase.
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