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Neos Ui
Neos CMS UI written in ReactJS with Immutable data structures.
Redux Saga Thunk
Dispatching an action handled by redux-saga returns promise
Starter Pack
Combines React (ft. hooks), Redux, Redux-saga and TypeScript with Auth0 as a starting point for modern web apps with solid authentication
Eth Hot Wallet
Ethereum wallet with erc20 support / web wallet - built using react, web3, eth-lightwallet
A desktop app for inspecting your React JS and React Native projects. macOS, Linux, and Windows.
React Universal Saga
Universal React Starter Kit ft. Redux Saga
Todo Redux Saga
Todo app with Create-React-App • React-Redux • Redux-Saga • Firebase • OAuth
Next Redux Saga
redux-saga HOC for Next.js
React Native Redux Saga
Just a starter code to use redux and react-native with Login
Typed Redux Saga
An attempt to bring better TypeScript typing to redux-saga.
Redux Tower
Saga powered routing engine for Redux app.
Taro Dva
整合 taro-dvajs的仿知乎示例
React Express Blog Demo
🔥 React full stack+Express+Mongo implementation blog website tutorial 🌚
Redux Saga Testing
A no-brainer way of testing your Sagas
Async Redux Saga
Just another approach to manage async operations using redux-saga
Real Estate App Ui
Real Estate Property Listing App Built With React Native
React Native Feature Boilerplate
Feature based Architecture for developing Scalable React Native Apps 🚀 using react, redux, sagas and hooks
React Curd
Eslint Plugin Redux Saga
ESLint rules for redux-saga
React Next Boilerplate
🚀 A basis for reducing the configuration of your projects with nextJS, best development practices and popular libraries in the developer community.
Redux Arena
Bundling reducers, actions, saga and react-component when using Redux
Our example of simple application using ReactNative and some recommendations
Rnn Starter
🤹 Production-ready starter for your next React Native App! Powered by cli-rn, React Native Navigation, Expo, Reanimated 2, Notifications, Over-The-Air Updates, Mobx, Dark Mode, and Localization.
Redux Dynostore
These libraries provide tools for building dynamic Redux stores.
Elixir Cowboy React Spa
Example application that shows how to use Cowboy 2.0 in conjunction with React and Redux to create data driven Single Page Applications
Interview Problem Summary
🎤 Prepare for the interviews and sum up the most popular interview problems for front-end(HTML/CSS/Javascript), Web development, full-stack. Also did some typical coding practice questions, such as UI caculator
Battle City
🎮 Battle city remake built with react.
What The Splash
Tutorial for building an unsplash image gallery with redux saga :atom:
React Login
A client side implementation of authentication using react.js for my blog on medium. This is the second part of my previous blog on how to implement scalable node.js server.
Ts React Boilerplate
Universal React App with Redux 4, Typescript 3, and Webpack 4
⚛️ – :atom: – ⚛️ Boilerplate for cross platform web/native react apps with electron.
Typescript Nextjs Redux Material Ui Example
next.js v9, typescript v3.7, redux, material-ui v4, react-hooks, redux-saga, SSR
react + relay + redux + saga + graphql + webpack
Saga Duck
extensible and composable duck for redux-saga
React Hipstaplate
A ReactJS full-stack boilerplate based on typescript with ssr, custom apollo-server and huge stack of modern utilities which will help you to start your own project
🏦 Full Stack Web Application similar to financial software that is used in banking institutions | React.js and Node.js
Dva Ts React Antd
🌱 基于Dva和TypeScript的后台管理系统框架
Neutron is a CLI developed to help developers create new react projects with Redux + Redux Saga and offers well-structured code standardization.
React Adventure
⛰ React high-ending architecture & patterns ready for use. Made for big and small projects. PWA Ready.
React Native Spaceviewer
See and search upcoming and previous rocket space launches! Built with React Native, using Detox E2E tests, Fastlane and Github Actions for app store deployment.
Movie Browser App
React-redux + Firebase application to browse on movie database
React Universal Saga Modular
Universal & Modular React Kit ft. Redux Saga
Canvas React Node Mysql
A canvas for creating React Web Apps with a Node backend and a MySQL connection
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