Top 75 hmr open source projects

Hot Module Reloading for Preact
Minimal React Starter
As minimal a react starter as you can get... while also using ES6/Babel and Webpack.
Koa Webpack Middleware
webpack dev&hot middleware for koa2
React Hot Loader Loader
A Webpack Loader that automatically inserts react-hot-loader to your App 👨‍🔬
Template Rwb
A full-featured Webpack setup with hot-reload
Bad Ass Salesforce Stack
B.A.S.S. Starter: react / redux / typescript / antd / ts-force / sfdx / webpack / salesforce
Todolist Frontend Vuejs
Front-end application for Todolist Web application built with Laravel and Vue.js
Meteor Webpack
Sass Vars Loader
Use Sass variables defined in Webpack config or in external Javascript or JSON files
Node Hot Loader
Hot module replacement (hot reload) for Node.js applications. Develop without server restarting.
Aspnetcore Angular Universal
ASP.NET Core & Angular Universal advanced starter - PWA w/ server-side rendering for SEO, Bootstrap, i18n internationalization, TypeScript, unit testing, WebAPI REST setup, SignalR, Swagger docs, and more! By @TrilonIO
Ts React Boilerplate
Universal React App with Redux 4, Typescript 3, and Webpack 4
Babel Plugin Functional Hmr
Babel plugin enables HMR for functional components in React Native.
Webpack Core Usage
Svelte Template
🚧 An easy-to-use Svelte template! (Svelte + Typescript + Parcel + Express) 2020
Cookiecutter Webpack
Boilerplate for webpack 2, babel, react + redux + hmr, and karma. Can be inserted into existing django projects.
React Dashboard
🔥React Dashboard - isomorphic admin dashboard template (React.js, Bootstrap, Node.js, GraphQL, React Router, Babel, Webpack, Browsersync) 🔥
Tex An mesh
Fully textured and animatable human body mesh reconstruction from a single image
Pyramid Web Framework (Python) implemented with Vuejs (JavaScript) & Webpack (HMR): starter template
Angular Webpack Starter
A complete Angular 6 and Webpack 4 starter seed with minimal and full featured branches. Full featured branch includes: Material Design 2 (Bootstrap 4 branch available as well), @ngrx, HMR, DLLs and optional use of Universal for server-side rendering - Supports AOT (offline) compilation, sync and lazy loading. Karma/Protractor for e2e/unit tests.
Live code editing with Browserify and React
Systemjs Hmr
Hot Module Replacement for SystemJS
Postcss Variables Loader
Share variables between CSS and JS with Webpack + HMR
Cypress Hmr Restarter
A Cypress plugin which restarts tests on webpack-dev-server HMR updates
React Ssr Setup
React Starter Project with Webpack 4, Babel 7, TypeScript, CSS Modules, Server Side Rendering, i18n and some more niceties
Seed project for Angular Universal apps featuring Server-Side Rendering (SSR), Webpack, CLI scaffolding, dev/prod modes, AoT compilation, HMR, SCSS compilation, lazy loading, config, cache, i18n, SEO, and TSLint/codelyzer
React Webpack Typescript Starter
Minimal starter with hot module replacement (HMR) for rapid development.
Next generation frontend tooling. It's fast!
Angular Hmr
🔥 Angular Hot Module Replacement for Hot Module Reloading
Fuse Box
A blazing fast js bundler/loader with a comprehensive API 🔥
Pytorch hmr
pytorch version of "End-to-end Recovery of Human Shape and Pose"
svelte integration for vite
React Dynamic Route Loading Es6
Auto chunking and dynamic loading of routes with React Router and Webpack 2
A minimal Aurelia starter kit written in TypeScript and built using webpack.
A very simplistic Electron + Vue 3 template including ViteJS and Electron Builder
Fork of official rollup-plugin-svelte with added HMR support (for both Nollup or Rollup)
⚔️ Opinionated Fullstack React toolkits featuring project generation, dev server, build production bundle, and common dev-tools. This is simple DIY create-react-app.
Hot module reloading prototype with native (almost) ES6 modules
Riot hot reload API
📚 Featuring Webpack 4, React 17-18, SSR, HMR, prefetching, universal lazy-loading, and more
React + Redux + TypeScript + .NET Core + Server-Side Rendering (SSR) + Hot Module Replacement (HMR)
Zero is a web server to simplify web development.
Webpack hot module reloading for Fastify
Yeoman generator that scaffolds out a Symfony PHP app including Browsersync, various CSS preprocessors, jspm, webpack, browserify and Service Worker
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