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Online GUI for QMK Firmware
Container build and runtime tool
Commands, Services and Fluent API for docker, docker-compose & docker-machine, for win/mac/linux and native docker in c#
Semana Js Expert30
Aulas da Semana JS Expert 3.0 - Construindo um chat multiplataforma usando linha de comando e JavaScript Avançado
A mruby-based Builder for Docker Images
A drag-and-drop mobile website builder base on Vue
Woof Ce
woof - the Puppy builder
Kubernetes resource builder using nix
Quartz 的Cron任务调度表达式一般人很难理解,在Googole上查询也没有发现类似的代码,所以开发了一个对Quartz Cron 表达式的可视化双向解析和生成的一个java的GUI程序,供使用Quartz的程序员参考和使用.
Java Builders: URL builder
Package Builder
📦 A composer package builder.
Vercel Rust
Community based builder for using rust on the now/zeit platform
Android 3rd party library to make implementing galleries more easier
Additional content to extend Aurora.
✭ 148
Lightweight and fast SQL builder for Go language, moved to
Electron Global
One Electron instance for multiple apps
A generic, extendable build orchestrator.
Electron Builder
A complete solution to package and build a ready for distribution Electron app with “auto update” support out of the box
Nginx Builder
A tool to build deb or rpm package of required Nginx version from the source code, with the ability to connect third-party modules. Nginx parameters are set in the yaml configuration file.
100 Words Design Patterns Java
GoF Design Patterns, each pattern described with story from real life.
A data-marshaling toolset
Ship Hold
data access framework for Postgresql on nodejs
Generate a SQLite file from MHW data
Think Builder
A command line toolit to build applications' CRUD/mvc scaffold for thinkphp v6. 用于生成 thinkphp v6 增查改删脚手架代码的命令行工具。
General-purpose build server
🎏 Function builder BDD testing framework in Swift
Mosaico - Responsive Email Template Editor
Alexa Message Builder
Simple message builder for Alexa replies.
A URL builder library for JavaScript.
Ngx Dynamic Form Builder
FormBuilder + class-transformer + class-validator = dynamic form group builder for Angular10+
Dartson is a Dart library that can be used to convert Dart objects into a JSON string.
Apprater Dialog
A dialog which asks the user to rate the app
Laravel Multistep Forms
Responsable Multistep Form Builder for Laravel
Website 2 Apk Builder
Convert your Website to a working Android App. Supports html, php, htm, js, css. Build app from any website or from local directory.
Markdown Builder
1kb Markdown builder for Node.js
PyPika is a python SQL query builder that exposes the full richness of the SQL language using a syntax that reflects the resulting query. PyPika excels at all sorts of SQL queries but is especially useful for data analysis.
Netlify Builder
Deploy your Angular app to netlify from CLI
An elasticsearch query body builder 💪
Dash Docset Builder
Dash Docset Builder in PHP.
Regex Builder
Write regular expressions in pure Java
An architecture for building themes
Jsx Lite
Write components once, run everywhere. Compiles to Vue, React, Solid, Angular, Svelte, and Liquid.
Phalcon Mongodb Odm
MongoDB ODM for Phalcon framework for new mongodb php extension with query builder and rich functionality
Ultimate Page Builder
📦 Ultimate Page Builder for WordPress
Build, setup, update and refresh your modding environment!
Pi Builder
Extensible tool to build Arch Linux ARM for Raspberry Pi on x86_64 host using Docker
CrossUI is a free Cross-Browser Javascript framework with cutting-edge functionality for rich web application
Angular Builders
Angular build facade extensions (Jest and custom webpack configuration)
🚀 A command line tool aims to improve front-end engineer workflow and standard, powered by TypeScript.
Php Es Mapper
An elasticsearch simple mapping ORM for php
Elementor Beta Tester
Run the beta versions of Elementor from Github.
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