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Vim Material Theme
Material theme for vim
Building Vuebase : a Firebase-like theme : built with Vue and Vuetify (
Hcz Jekyll Blog
A simple material theme for blogger
Jeffrey Way Theme
Jeffrey Way's theme on Laracasts. Example:
Materialnavigationview Android
📱 Android Library to implement Rich, Beautiful, Stylish 😍 Material Navigation View for your project with Material Design Guidelines. Easy to use.
Material Theme
Material Theme, the most epic theme for Sublime Text 3 by Mattia Astorino
New Material —— A Material Design Theme for Typecho
ChroMATERIAL is an IntelliJ Platform coloring scheme that expresses the chromatic nature of Material Design within IntelliJ and Android Studio. It is intended to highlight the most import aspects of your code.
Android Multi Theme Ui
Android multi theme UI implementation with day night mode. This repository cover theme changes at runtime, user can select theme from pre-defined multiple themes and changes reflect dynamically on the go.
Nextjs Material Kit
NextJS version of Material Kit React by Creative Tim
Material Github
A Material Dark Theme for GitHub
A material design theme for ghost blog 🙈🌈🍇
Npp Material Theme
Material Theme, the most epic theme for Notepad++ | Dark Theme
Material theme music player that works across all form factors (phones, wear, auto, cast, assistant) and uses latest tools (Kotlin, Architecture components, Room, Databinding)
Vuetify Material Dashboard
Vuetify Material Dashboard - Open Source Material Design Admin
Material Theme For Xcode
Material design color schemes for Xcode
Wi Pwn
ESP8266 Deauther ​with a material design WebUI 📶
Material Awesome
Material and Mouse driven config for AwesomeWM 4.3
[Deprecated] This project can make it easy to theme and custom Android's dialog. Also provides Holo and Material themes for old devices.
Svelte Materialify
A Material UI Design Component library for Svelte heavily inspired by vuetify.
Typecho Theme Material
Material Design theme for typecho.
Cdk Admin
Angular 6 admin panel using angular material & angular flex.
Hyper Material Theme
The Hyper official porting of the original Material Theme.
Night Owl Jetbrains
Night owl theme / colour scheme for IntelliJ and Webstorm (or other Jetbrains IDEs). Includes dark and light mode 🌓
Material Kit React
React Dashboard made with Material UI’s components. Our pro template contains features like TypeScript version, authentication system with Firebase and Auth0 plus many other
A cheat sheet for Flutter's Material package.
The default Dark+ theme, using Material's color palette.
This is a dotfiles repository created and maintained by @erdaltsksn. It contains a collection of `.files`.
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