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Javascript Boilerplate
Node.js+Koa.js+PostgreSQL+React.js+Webpack+Mocha+Makefile, a starter kit for new apps
Atlas Of Thrones
An interactive "Game of Thrones" map powered by Leaflet, PostGIS, and Redis.
Koa Websocket
Light wrapper around Koa providing a websocket middleware handler that is koa-route compatible.
Koa Proxy
Proxy middleware for koa
async web framework inspired by koajs, lightweight but powerful.
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Openapi Backend
Build, Validate, Route, Authenticate and Mock using OpenAPI
Koa Webpack Middleware
webpack dev&hot middleware for koa2
Graphql Demo
🎉Koa + GraphQL + Apollo-Server demo
Nuxt Juejin Project
仿掘金web网站,使用服务端渲染。主要技术:nuxt + koa + vuex + axios + element-ui 。
一款基于Next.js+mongo的轻量级开源社区(open community by Next.js & mongo)
Umajs,easy-to-use framework base on Typescript
Blog Frontend Project
Web frontend code for my blogs, develop with Vue.
Koa2 Boilerplate
[Deprecated] Minimal koa v2 boilerplate. 🤣
Egg Core
A core Pluggable framework based on koa.
Parrot Mocker Web
Simple web server to forward received requests to real servers or just mock
Cool Admin Api
cool-admin-api 是基于egg.js、typeorm、jwt等封装的api开发脚手架、快速开发api接口
Koa Passport Mongoose Graphql
Koa 2 server with Passport + Mongoose + GraphQL
Cls Rtracer
Request Tracer - CLS-based request id generation for Express, Fastify, Koa and Hapi, batteries included
Bedrock Core
Bedrock is a battle-tested template of micro services, components and patterns that tie together Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Node.js and React (KEMNR).
👦 Lad is the best Node.js framework. Made by a former Express TC and Koa team member.
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Putong Online Judge -- An online judge with nothing special
Koa Hbs
Handlebars templates for Koa.js
H Blog
js, javascript, blog, typescript, node, koa...
Apollo Server
🌍  Spec-compliant and production ready JavaScript GraphQL server that lets you develop in a schema-first way. Built for Express, Connect, Hapi, Koa, and more.
Breko Hub
Babel React Koa Hot Universal Boilerplate
Sactive Web
🚀 A dependency injection web framework for Node.js.
A framework base on koa with typescript
阿翔的个人技术博客,博文写在 Issues 里,如有收获请 star 鼓励~
Buttercms Js
Node/JS API client for ButterCMS (
An unopinionated authentication library for building Node.js APIs.
koa user auth middleware
Last Blog
仿GitHub风格个人博客, vue+vuex+koa+mongodb
Electrode Csrf Jwt
Stateless Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection with JWT
Koa Vue Fullstack
A lightweight boilerplate for a universal webapp based on koa, mongodb, node, vue, and webpack
📐 Ts.ED is a Node.js and TypeScript framework on top of Express to write your application with TypeScript (or ES6). It provides a lot of decorators and guideline to make your code more readable and less error-prone.
Koa Proxies
a [email protected] proxy middleware
Node Rate Limiter Flexible
Node.js rate limit requests by key with atomic increments in single process or distributed environment.
HTTP response caching for Koa. Supports Redis, in-memory store, and more!
Awilix Koa
Awilix helpers/middleware for Koa 2
Koa2 Easy
Easy way to use koa2
Simple Koa Boilerplate for APIs
Node Frameworks Benchmark
Simple HTTP benchmark for different nodejs frameworks using wrk
GraphQL is a new way of communicating with your server. It eliminates the problems of over- and under-fetching, incorporates strong data types, has built-in introspection, documentation and deprecation capabilities, and is implemented in many programming languages. This all leads to gloriously low-latency user experiences, better developer experiences, and much increased productivity. Because of all this, GraphQL is typically used as a replacement for (or companion to) RESTful API services.
Hongbao Bot2
Koa Pug
A Pug middleware for Koa
Ashen Blog
使用koa 2 + vue 2搭建自己的博客系统
Simple, fast HTTP router on koa.js.
Koa Mobx React Starter
A straightforward starter for Node javascript web projects. Using Koa, MobX and ReactJS (with universal / isomorphic server rendering)
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