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Text Spinners
Pure text, CSS only, font independent, inline loading indicators
Runpe In Memory
Run a Exe File (PE Module) in memory (like an Application Loader)
ProcessLoadingView is a step indicator loading animation built using CABasicAnimation
React Native Pulse Loader
tinder-like loader for your react native app
Vue Element Loading
⏳ Loading inside a container or full screen for Vue.js
Is Loading
Simple library to show visual feedback when loading data or any action that would take time
Vue I18n Loader
🌐 vue-i18n loader for custom blocks
React Native Skeleton Content
A customizable skeleton-like loading placeholder for react native projects using expo.
React Loading Overlay
Loading overlays with fade, spinner, message support.
Awesome Typescript Loader
Awesome TypeScript loader for webpack
Vue Wxchat
❗❗ vue.js仿微信聊天界面展示组件(可滚动加载)。A WeChat chat display component.
Python library for importing Wavefront .obj files
Webpack2 Lessons
📖《webpack2 包教不包会》
[OCSkeleton] - Make your loading view a little difference.
Tiny but powerful single file wavefront obj loader
Purs Loader
PureScript loader for webpack
OpenGL and Vulkan header and loader generator.
Material Ui Image
Material style image with loading animation
React Hot Loader Loader
A Webpack Loader that automatically inserts react-hot-loader to your App 👨‍🔬
Pure css loading animations. As long as only one element!
Http Loader
A loader for ngx-translate that loads translations with http calls
Marvelous sliding square loader view
Webpack Config Handbook
Minimum Webpack config handbook & examples
Mgs Machinery
Unity plugin for binding machinery joint in scene.
Ts Tools
TypeScript Tools for Node.js
Img Loader
Image minimizing loader for webpack
Webpack Fast Refresh
React Fast Refresh plugin and loader for webpack
Module for remote in-memory Python package/module loading through HTTP/S
Vue Pretty Logger
The console is more cool to use, easier to debug, and more fun log output. Enjoy the vue-pretty-logger in the vue project.
Dotloaderspack Android
Android DotsLoaders - a replacement of default android material progressbar with dots loaders
Minimal Gltf Loader
A minimal, engine-agnostic JavaScript glTF Loader.
A tiny but heavy on-demand async javascript/css loader
Asynchronous Importer and run-time Loader for Unity
React Native Wormhole
⚛️ 🌌 Inter-dimensional Portals for React Native. 👽 🖖
📝Webpack loader for Omi.js React.js and Rax.js components 基于 Omi.js,React.js 和 Rax.js 单文件组件的webpack模块加载器
Angular Async Loader
Load modules and components asynchronously for angular 1.x application.
Ng Block Ui
Block UI Loader/Spinner for Angular
Manage your macOS startup items.
RoboJS is a library that aims to dynamically load JS modules depending on how the DOM is composed.
Aot Loader
⚠️ [Deprecated] Ahead-of-Time Compiler for Webpack.
Ember Content Placeholders
Composable components for rendering fake (progressive) content like facebook
Ng Image Appear
AngularJS Module to make images appear with transition as they load.
A modern JS/CSS asset loader, written in TypeScript.
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