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🔮 A web-component html5 video player facing future
Vue Ui Framework
My personal collection of Vue UI framework
💅 The formatter for the modern web
Tab Container Element
An accessible tab container element with keyboard support.
Ajax Form
HTML forms on performance-enhancing drugs
A UI Design Language, WC UI Library, and Runtime CSS Framework for rapidly building interfaces that follow your Design System 🌈
Angular, Vue, React, Web Components, Blazor, Javascript, jQuery and ASP .NET Framework,
Lazy load Angular Elements (or any other web components / custom elements ) with ease!
Ui5 Webcomponents React
A wrapper implementation for React of the UI5 Web Components that are compliant with the SAP Fiori User Experience
Auto Complete Element
Auto-complete input values from server search results.
Preact Custom Element
Wrap your component up as a custom element
Server Components
🔧 A simple, lightweight tool for composable HTML rendering in Node.js, based on web components.
Lazyload Image
HTMLImageElement extension for lazy loading.
Web Components + Virtual DOM: web standards for powerful UIs
Clipboard Copy Element
Copy element text content or input values to the clipboard.
Moved to Polymer/tools monorepo
Vue Gwt
Vue.js Components/Custom Elements in Java with GWT. Developed at
Shadow Dom In Depth
Everything you need to know about Shadow DOM
Time Elements
Web component extensions to the standard <time> element.
The Bolt Design System provides robust Twig and Web Component-powered UI components, reusable visual styles, and powerful tooling to help developers, designers, and content authors build, maintain, and scale best of class digital experiences.
Polymer Skeleton
💀 Skeleton for Polymer 3 app with Webpack, PostCSS and Service Workers ready.
Vanilla Web Components. A place for framework-free, transpiler-free, scaffolding-free web components.
Carbon Web Components
Carbon Design System variant on top of Web Components
🇨🇭Functional custom elements
Vant React
Lightweight 2kb Mobile UI Components built on React and TS, inspired by [email protected]://
Markdown Toolbar Element
Markdown formatting buttons for text inputs.
Alkali is library for functional reactive data flows that drive native-based UI elements
React's Hooks API implemented for web components 👻
Gwt Polymer Elements
Polymer Web Components for GWT. A collection of Material Design widgets for desktop and mobile.
Web Components to turn your web app into a fake operating system
Cleverstyle Framework
CleverStyle Framework is simple, scalable, fast and secure full-stack PHP framework
Html Include Element
Easily include external HTML into your pages.
Pwa Auth
Web component that lets your users sign-in/sign-up using their Microsoft, Google, Facebook, or Apple account. Your app receives their email address, name, and profile picture.
A dynamic design system for managing large icon sets in Figma and using them on the web
Virtual Dom
Smart Industry
🏭 Open Source Manufacturing Execution System for JobShop type manufacturer.
Ebayui Core
Collection of Marko widgets; considered to be the core building blocks for all eBay components, pages & apps
Lit Mobx
Mixin and base class for using mobx with lit-element
Fit Html
💪 Combining web components + lit-html + redux (3KB)
Customizable, extensible, accessible and framework agnostic media player. Modern alternative to Video.js and Plyr. Supports HTML5, HLS, Dash, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion...
Automatic web components profiling in chrome devtools
Image Crop Element
A custom element for cropping a square image. Returns x, y, width, and height.
Hot Table
Handsontable - Best Data Grid Web Component with Spreadsheet Look and Feel.
Build, test, and publish vanilla Web Components with a little spice
Vanilla Hamburger
Animated hamburger menu icons for modern web apps (1.8 KB) 🍔
Open Wc
Open Web Components: guides, tools and libraries for developing web components.
Polymer Build
Moved to Polymer/tools monorepo
Podcast Player
An audio web component for podcasts
Gulp Vulcanize
Concatenate a set of Web Components into one file
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