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Semantic Ui
Semantic is a UI component framework based around useful principles from natural language.
A JavaScript library to create highly configurable floating panels, modals, tooltips, hints/notifiers/alerts or contextmenus for use in backend solutions and other web applications.
🚁 A Powerful Tooltip and Popover for Angular Applications
Ember Tooltips
Easy and extendible tooltips for Ember components -
React Tooltip
react tooltip component
Ngx Popper
An angular wrapper for popper.js, great for tooltips and positioning popping elements
React Popper
🍿⚛Official React library to use Popper, the positioning library
Vue Directive Tooltip
Vue.js tooltip directive. Easy to use, configure and style
Angular CDK Popover, no default style, examples using @angular/material
Vue Ui For Pc
基于Vue2.x的一套PC端UI组件,包括了Carousel 跑马灯、Cascader 级联、Checkbox 多选框、Collapse 折叠面板、DatePicker 日期选择、Dialog 对话框、Form 表单、Input 输入框、InputNumber 数字输入框、Layer 弹窗层、Loading 加载、Menu 菜单、Page 分页、Progress 进度条、Radio 单选框、SelectDropDown 仿select、Switch 开关、Table 表格、Tabs 标签页、Textarea 文本框、Tooltip 文字提示、BackTop 返回顶部、steps 步骤条、Transfer 穿梭框、Tree 树形、Upload 文件上传、Lazy 图片懒加载、Loading 加载、Pagination 分页等等
V Tooltip
💬 Easy tooltips, popovers, dropdown for Vue
React Layer Stack
Layering system for React. Useful for popover/modals/tooltip/dnd application
A plugin for JetBrains Resharper that colorizes the tooltip and parameter information.
✭ 151
React Popper Tooltip
A React hook to effortlessly build smart tooltips.
🎈 Modernized and sophisticated tooltips, fully customizable with an arrow and animations on Android.
Redux Tooltip
A tooltip React component for Redux.
The tooltip that has all the right moves
Euphemism for a JS tooltip
Ahk Rare
My collection of rare and maybe very useful functions
jBox is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create customizable tooltips, modal windows, image galleries and more.
A modern, highly customisable, minimal, pure CSS tooltip library
Android Target Tooltip
Create Toast like tooltips, but targets can be specified, plus custom properties and features
Reactjs Popup
React Popup Component - Modals,Tooltips and Menus —  All in one
💭 The only GIF tooltip plugin you need
Tooltip, popover, dropdown, and menu library
基于 Vue 的简单 tooltip 工具
💬 Minimal, accessible, ultra lightweight css tooltip library. Just 1kb.
✭ 1,109
Tippyjs React
React component for Tippy.js (official)
Intrinsics Dude
Opensource Visual Studio extension for compiler instrinsics in C/C++
A11y tooltips
Accessible Tooltip Component
Tooltips with smooth 3D animation
Programmable tooltip that can be used with any Mac OS app
Simple to use library for android, enabling to add a tooltip near any view with ease
😉 Lightweight pure CSS tooltip for the greater good
A simple CSS tooltip made with Sass
✭ 648
Android Simple Tooltip
A simple library based on PopupWindow to create Tooltips on Android. 💚
Css Components
☕️ A set of common UI Components using the power of CSS and without Javascript.
React Laag
Hooks to build things like tooltips, dropdown menu's and popovers in React
Simple tooltips made of pure CSS
Jquery Popup Overlay
jQuery plugin for responsive and accessible modal windows and tooltips
Flutter showcaseview
Flutter plugin that allows you to showcase your features on iOS and Android. 👌🔝🎉
React Cool Portal
😎 🍒 React hook for Portals, which renders modals, dropdowns, tooltips etc. to <body> or else.
Vue Tippy
VueJS Tooltip powered by Tippy.js
Bgatransformerstip Android
Android 通用 PopupWindow,再也不用找 UI 小姐姐切 .9 图片了,大致能为你节省 30 分钟的开发时间
React Joyride
Create guided tours in your apps
A new generation jQuery Tooltip plugin
Mahou(魔法) - The magic layout switcher.
React Hint
Tooltip component for React, Preact, Inferno
Quantum Nox Firefox Dark Full Theme
These usercontent and userchrome files will give a full themed dark color to Firefox Quantum, menus and dialogs included, as well as the scrollbars. You can also use the JS files to enable multirow tabs and other functions.
Popper Core
🍿 JavaScript positioning library for tooltips, popovers, dropdowns, and more
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