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Semantic Ui
Semantic is a UI component framework based around useful principles from natural language.
A SiderBar base on Android that has a beautiful anim
React Adminlte Dash
This project is No Longer Maintained. React implementation of AdminLTE themed dashboard
Angular Pro Sidebar
Responsive sidebar template with dropdown menu built with angular 7 and bootstrap 4
Vim Markbar
Display all accessible marks and their surrounding lines in a collapsible sidebar.
Android开发人员不得不收集的工具类集合 | 支付宝支付 | 微信支付(统一下单) | 微信分享 | Zip4j压缩(支持分卷压缩与加密) | 一键集成UCrop选择圆形头像 | 一键集成二维码和条形码的扫描与生成 | 常用Dialog | WebView的封装可播放视频 | 仿斗鱼滑动验证码 | Toast封装 | 震动 | GPS | Location定位 | 图片缩放 | Exif 图片添加地理位置信息(经纬度) | 蛛网等级 | 颜色选择器 | ArcGis | VTPK | 编译运行一下说不定会找到惊喜
Blazorise is a component library built on top of Blazor with support for CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Bulma, AntDesign, and Material.
Sidebars for web apps
Help you pop up custom views easily. and support pop-up animation, layout position, mask effect and gesture interaction etc.
Drawer Behavior Flutter
Drawer behavior is a library that provide an extra behavior on drawer, such as, move view or scaling view's height while drawer on slide.
LMSideBarController is a simple side bar controller inspired by Tappy and Simon Hoang.
Another sliding menu base on DrawerLayout
OverlayController easily pop your custom view and provide optional transition animation. written in swift 5.0
Container Tabs Sidebar
Firefox addon aiming to utilize screen estate more efficiently by showing tabs in a sidebar grouped by privacy containers. Inspired by TreeStyleTab.
Tab Stash
Firefox extension to save and restore tabs as bookmarks
A touch slideout navigation menu for your mobile web apps.
Lightweight (2kb gzipped), zero-dependency javascript library for making float sidebars based on the finite state machine
Google Search Sidebar
A user script and user style to move Google search tools to sidebar.
👔 A collection of cv and resume templates written in LaTeX. Leave an issue if your language is not supported!
Nly Adminlte Vue
vuejs2 AdminLte3 template more than 50 components and 10 directives.such as collapse ,sidebar,container,infobox,breadcrumb,card,grid,dropdown,toast,navbar,timeline,icon,progress
UIUtil for Android, Lyrics, Tick animations, Comparisons, Satellite menus, Praise, Slide buttons, TAB indicators, Contact sorting, Drag sorting, Skidding deletes, Shadow effects, RecyclerView nesting RecyclerView, Map list Poi/Drawer effects, Progress settings, Clock set, Damping, Progress, Album, Snap, Progress, CircleDownload, AdvertSwitcher, Carousel ad, FlowLayout, Tag...; 歌词控件、打勾动画、对比、卫星菜单、点赞、滑动按钮、TAB指示器、联系人排序、拖曳排序、侧滑删除、阴影效果.、RecyclerView嵌套RecyclerView.、地图列表Poi/抽屉效果、进度设置、时钟设置、滑动阻尼、相册媒体快照、圆形下载进度,轮播广告, 流式布局,标签...
An Admin Dashboard based on Vuetify material
Advanced Sidebox
A plugin for MyBB forums that displays custom boxes on various forum pages.
✭ 19
Menu and sidebar management package for Laravel
A File Icon
Sublime Text File-Specific Icons for Improved Visual Grepping
Pro Sidebar Template
Responsive sidebar template based on bootstrap
🔍 Easy sidebar for Android RecyclerView (。>﹏<。)
Theia Sticky Sidebar
Glues your website's sidebars, making them permanently visible while scrolling.
React Burger Menu
🍔 An off-canvas sidebar component with a collection of effects and styles using CSS transitions and SVG path animations
Ng Sidebar
[Inactive] Angular sidebar component.
Vue Drawer Layout
A simple DrawerLayout component for Vue.js.
Hc Sticky
JavaScript library that makes any element on your page visible while you scroll.
React Pro Sidebar
Customizable and responsive react sidebar library with dropdown menus and unlimited number of nested submenus
Startbootstrap Simple Sidebar
Start Bootstrap is an open source library of free Bootstrap templates and themes. All of the free templates and themes on Start Bootstrap are released under the MIT license, which means you can use them for any purpose, even for commercial projects.
Custom Sidebar for Home Assistant
SlideBar for Android 一个很好用的联系人字母快速索引
Custom vertical button toolbar for macOS
A generic and modular lua sidebar for Neovim
Create modals, sidebars, notifications, pop ups with css transitions!
A responsive and fluid sidebar with jQuery and Hammer.js
An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant Slack theme.
Show dired as sidebar and will not create new buffers when changing directory
Bukkit plugin for customizing the sidebar of the scoreboard feature from minecraft
Create mobile sidebar/sidenav experiance in AngularJS
Emacs package to have configurable sidebars on a per frame basis.
Boundary is a CSS+Javascript library for Chrome extension developers to easily create HTML elements that won’t affect or be affected by the current webpage’s CSS. Strongly recommended if you are considering adding a sticker, a sidebar or any overlay box using content script.
😆 Docsify 侧边栏 : 【自动生成 Docsify 的 Sidebar 与 子目录 Sidebar】
A Pandoc HTML template with TOC on the sidebar, using Bootstrap 3
WordPress Plugin to create and display custom sidebars according to the content being viewed. Fast and powerful.
💪 A Kirby field to enable file thumbnail preview in the panel sidebar
A minimal Discord sidebar price bot (supports forex, crypto, eth gas & fear and greed index)
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