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A model factory library for creating expressive, auto-completable, on-demand dev/test fixtures with Symfony and Doctrine.
Design Pattern that described by Python, This is the source code for the book of Everybody Know Design Patterns.
Qr Code Bundle
Bundle for generating QR codes in Symfony
Faker Elixir
💧 FakerElixir generates fake data for you.
Smart Industry
🏭 Open Source Manufacturing Execution System for JobShop type manufacturer.
Cooky Cutter
🍪 Object factories for testing in TypeScript
Laravel Factory Prefill
Prefills factories with faker method suggestions to increase productivity
Container Ioc
Inversion of Control container & Dependency Injection for Javascript and Node.js apps powered by Typescript.
Factory Bot
🤖 Provides a fixture factory for doctrine/orm entities.
Factory for object creation and dependency injection. Works with normal C# apps or under Unity3d
React Redux Idle Monitor
Higher order react component for redux-idle-monitor.
Model mommy
No longer maintained, please migrate to model_bakery
Monolog Factory
🏭 Configuration-based Monolog logger factory.
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Route Composer
Protocol oriented, Cocoa UI abstractions based library that helps to handle view controllers composition, navigation and deep linking tasks in the iOS application. Can be used as the universal replacement for the Coordinator pattern.
Factory of Redux reducers and their associated actions and selectors.
An example for booking movie seat, combined of Android Data Binding, State Design Pattern and Multibinding + Autofactory. iOS version is:
golang ioc framework
A factory contract for creating metamorphic (i.e. redeployable) contracts.
Simple thread-safe object pool in Objective-C
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