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Grunt Webpack
integrate webpack into grunt build process
A Versatile and Expandable jQuery Plotting Plugin
Grunt Recess
[DEPRECATED] Lint and minify CSS and LESS
Grunt Image
Optimize PNG, JPEG, GIF, SVG images with grunt task.
A bare minimum responsive framework
Hexo Theme Laughing
A lightweight hexo theme
Grunt Saucelabs
Grunt task for running all your browser tests using Sauce Labs
Grunt Html
Grunt plugin for html validation
Grunt Wp I18n
Internationalize WordPress themes and plugins with Grunt.
Grunt Sftp Deploy
Grunt task for code deployment over sftp
Improving everyone's favorite online download list, one loop at a time.
Grunt Critical
Grunt task to extract & inline critical-path CSS from HTML
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Grunt Drupal Tasks
Grunt-based build and testing tasks for Drupal
CSS Framework for Dummies, Without Classes
A miscellania of how-to's, references, and style guides for stuff I'm into.
Grunt Parallelize
Make your task parallel.
Grunt Menu
Useful menu interface for listing/executing your configured tasks
Converts Grunt task files, gruntfile.js, to Gulp files.
Lightning fast concurrent PHP linter for Node.js, Grunt & Gulp! ⚡️
Grunt Frontend Workflow
Structured, modular and test-driven front-end development and build workflow with Grunt task runner. Includes boilerplate code for Backbone with single/multipage RequireJS setup, and a RESTful API for prototyping.
Mathjax Grunt Cleaner
A grunt file to reduce the footprint of a MathJax installation
Grunt Md2html
Small Grunt MultiTask to convert Markdown files to HTML, supporting Grunt >= 1.0.0
Grunt Javascript Obfuscator
Obfuscates JavaScript files using amazing javascript-obfuscator.
Docker Compose Nodejs Examples
Finally some real world examples on getting started with Docker Compose and Nodejs
Hive Framework
A website development framework built with Sass, and incorporating jQuery UI.
Grunt Csswring
DEPRECATED. Minify CSS files using PostCSS-based CSSWring
Flow theme
OXID Flow Responsive Theme
The XSLT which convert an OPML file to InDesign importable XML
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Instant Bootstrap is a quick and easy way to start creating bootstrap themes using LESS, SASS, GRUNT, and BOWER.
Grunt Responsive Images
Produce images at different sizes for responsive websites.
Time Grunt
Display the elapsed execution time of grunt tasks
Lein template descjop
A Leiningen template(Clojure/ClojureScript Project) for Web based desktop application with Electron (atom-shell).
Kantai Collection Game Viewer and Tools
Awesome Cms Core
Awesome CMS Core is an open source CMS built using ASP.Net Core & ReactJS with module seperation concern in mind and provide lastest trend of technology like .Net Core, React, Webpack, SASS, Background Job, Message Queue.
Grunt Ts
A grunt task to manage your complete typescript development to production workflow
Grunt Email Workflow
A Grunt workflow for designing and testing responsive HTML email templates with SCSS.
pyregex is a Python Regular Expression Online Tester
Almace Scaffolding
AMSF, a.k.a. Almace Scaffolding, a super-fast Jekyll framework fighting against the website obesity.
Grunt Ng Constant
Plugin for dynamic generation of angular constant and value definition modules.
Grunt Cache Bust
Cache bust static assets using content hashing
Grunt Filerev
[DEPRECATED] File revving
Use Grunt and Tiny Validator tv4 to validate files against json-schema draft v4
A fast, lightweight plugin that saves emails sent by your WordPress website.
Grunt plugin that searches a list of files and logs all findings in various formats.
Asset macro for Latte and Nette Framework for assets cache busting.
Fully Responsive HTML/SCSS Resume Template + Matching Sketch File
Updates values in XML files based on XPath queries. Similar to the `xmlpoke` task in NAnt.
Assemble middleware for adding i18n support to projects.
Scaffold modern frontend web apps or web pages with a static site generator (Assemble or Mangony), Grunt and/or Gulp, Sass and Bower. Use modern frameworks like Bourbon, Bootstrap or Foundation and structure your JavaScript with ES Harmony support.
npm, yarn, node, npx, bower, grunt, gulp, generate-md - build and dev tools.
⚡ is a fast grunt based, data driven, static site seed project, for rapid web development of PWA's or JAMstack projects
CMS for via. Moved to
💻 Anatres Project Front-end Implementation. Create projects with clean material-design layouts, to improve user experience with fully responsive and elastic system. Object orientend javascript with Vue components, easy to use css grids, forms, widgets, build system based on Webpack and Grunt, and many more.
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