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Material Ui Vue
It is a implementation with Vue.js.
Opencart Materialize
Template for OpenCart with Materialize
personal website template for tech guys, all of the content is loaded from a json file no need to edit html/css set your data and ready to go. feel free to fork and make changes :)
Yii2 Materializecss
Integration of materializecss into Yii2
Responsive led control
Responsive Led Control based on McLightning & Grisworld-Led-Controller with FastLED
Netcore Postgres Oauth Boiler
A basic .NET Core website boilerplate using PostgreSQL for storage, Adminer for db management, Let's Encrypt for SSL certificates and NGINX for routing.
Materialize Sass
Materializecss rubygem for Rails Asset Pipeline / Sprockets
Drag and drop web builder with material design.
Gameher is a French association aspiring to develop gender diversity in the fields of video games, esport and streaming. We want to give players the tools they need to flourish and evolve in the fields of video games, esport and streaming.
An e-commerce php/mysql website built from scratch (Deprecated)
Django application to add materializecss support to django-crispy-forms
An amazing scaffolding for developing database-driven websites, applications and APIs. Built on Laravel Lumen Framework, MySQL and Angular.
Manipulation of table (sort, add, edit, remove, etc... - rows | valid cells, type, require, etc... cells )
Model pattern for Angular (2, 4, ...), manage and share your state with simple services using RxJS Subjects and Observables
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