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Top 140 user-interface open source projects

An unusual Web UI Framework for Haskell
A fully featured docking library for the JavaFX platform.
Docker Registry Browser
🐳 Web Interface for the Docker Registry HTTP API V2 written in Ruby on Rails.
ElvUI for World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King (3.3.5a)
A User Interface Replacement for World of Warcraft: Vanilla & TBC
Phaser Ui Tools
Functions for creating a UI in Phaser. Rows, columns, viewports, scrollbars, stuff like that.
Hue Debugger Ui
💡 Graphical interface for observing and interacting directly with Hue API
Slick Ui
Lightweight Phaser UI plugin
APIs and libraries to read information directly from the EVE Online game client.
C library providing set of additional user interface controls for Windows, intended to be complementary to standard Win32API controls from USER32.DLL and COMCTL32.DLL.
Angular Sticky Things
Sticky Directive for Angular 2+
A platform agnostic clojure(script) library for creating user interfaces
Amazing Swift Ui 2019
23 Amazing iOS UI Libraries written in Swift for the Past Year (v.2019)
You Dont Know Ui
Learn how to build universal, modern and scalable user interfaces
Torus is an event-driven model-view UI framework for the web, focused on being tiny, efficient, and free of dependencies.
This is a breadcrumb navigation control that is complete automatic and uses the Navigation stack and page titles to generate the breadcrumbs.
Xmouse Controls
Windows utility to enable or disable active window tracking, raising and also the delay in milliseconds. This is known as x-mouse behavior or focus follows mouse.
[abandoned] C99 cross-platform 3D game engine with absolute minimum of external dependencies
Simplified Twitter
Remove distractions from the new Twitter layout. Extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge & More
Simple multi-platform management software for NEJE laser engravers.
Horus ui
HorusUI Immediate Mode Graphical User Interface
Docker Satis
Docker image to run Satis (private packagist) with Satisfy User Interface. Crontab and manual build possibility
Gluu Server UI for managing authentication, authorization and users.
ElvUI for World of Warcraft - The Burning Crusade (2.4.3)
Cheatsheet Of Ui With Fuzzy Behaviors
A cross-platform GUI library for Rust, inspired by Elm
ImTui: Immediate Mode Text-based User Interface
Costar stack
Integrated ROS capabilities for planning, predicate inference, gripper control, and perception for use with the KUKA LBR IIWA and Universal Robots.
Open Semantic Search Apps
Python/Django based webapps and web user interfaces for search, structure (meta data management like thesaurus, ontologies, annotations and named entities) and data import (ETL like text extraction, OCR and crawling filesystems or websites)
Demonstration of draggable transition for UIViewController with swipeable UICollectionView cells inside.
Aws Power Tuner Ui
AWS Lambda Power Tuner UI is an open source project creating a deployable easy to use website built on a layered technology stack allowing you to optimize your Lambda functions for cost and/or performance in a data-driven way via an easy to use UI.
.NET MAUI is the .NET Multi-platform App UI, a framework for building native device applications spanning mobile, tablet, and desktop.
Lightweight focus group management platform that can capture and replay user interaction on your site and improve the UX in everything you build
Zumly is a JS library for building zooming user interfaces
Feathersui Starling
User interface components for Starling Framework and Adobe AIR
Docker Registry Ui
The simplest and most complete UI for your private registry
Hover Ui Kit
Create beautiful user interfaces for immersive VR/AR experiences.
🚀 An easy-to-use, extensible Kotlin DSL for setting up and manipulating RecyclerViews.
🦊 A Userstyle theme for Firefox minimalist, transparent and Keyboard centered
Terminal UI library with rich, interactive widgets — written in Golang
High-quality, customizable web components for common user interface patterns
A modular functional UI language for Android
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