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Top 80 lodash open source projects

A modern JavaScript utility library delivering modularity, performance, & extras.
Simple to use local JSON database (supports Node, Electron and the browser)
Webpack Library Example
An example of how to author libraries using webpack.
Set Value
Set nested values on an object using dot-notation, like 'a.b.c'.
Angular Seed Advanced
Advanced Angular seed project with support for ngrx/store, ngrx/effects, ngx-translate, angulartics2, lodash, NativeScript (*native* mobile), Electron (Mac, Windows and Linux desktop) and more.
Feathers Vue
A boiler plate template using Feathers with Email Verification, Vue 2 with Server Side Rendering, stylus, scss, jade, babel, webpack, ES 6-8, login form, user authorization, and SEO
Get Value
Use property paths (`a.b.c`) get a nested value from an object.
eachDeep, filterDeep, findDeep, someDeep, omitDeep, pickDeep, keysDeep etc.. Tree traversal library written in Underscore/Lodash fashion
immutadot is a JavaScript library to deal with nested immutable structures.
Lightweight immutable helper that allows you to continue working with POJO (Plain Old JavaScript Object)
Awesome Vue Cli3 Example
🦅 Awesome example for rapid Vue.js development using vue-cli3 .
Babel Plugin Lodash
Modular Lodash builds without the hassle.
H Blog
js, javascript, blog, typescript, node, koa...
Record Query - A tool for doing record analysis and transformation
Node.js REPL with lodash
Babel Preset Edge
A centralized Babel Configuration for modern React development. (+TypeScript, FastAsync, Macros, ...)
Fast, small and purely functional utility library
Lodash Form Collector
a form collector powered by lodash that support any frontend framework.
Vue Typescript Music
🔥 基于 vue 全家桶 音乐项目(Music project) vue+typescript 实现 高仿 网易云音乐 移动端WebApp
Placeline Nextjs
HyperTrack Placeline web application sample using NextJS, Ant-Design, Styled-Components, and Heroku
Immutability Helper X
The library extends the kolodny/immutability-helper to support update data by path string, like the get/set in lodash.
Functional programming library for PHP. Inspired by Underscore, Lodash, and Ramda.
Typed Path
Type safe object field string paths for typescript.
Smoldash, A tiny lodash alternative built for the modern web
Lodash Webpack Plugin
Smaller modular Lodash builds.
Faster and smaller alternative to Ramda
Graphql Lodash
🛠 Data manipulation for GraphQL queries with lodash syntax
Mithril Data
A rich data model library for Mithril javascript framework
Logging Helpers
Basic template helpers for printing messages out to the console. Useful for debugging context in templates. Should work with any template engine.
Sensei Grid
Simple and lightweight data grid in JS/HTML
The kitchen sink of Python utility libraries for doing "stuff" in a functional way. Based on the Lo-Dash Javascript library.
Performance Analysis Js
Map/Reduce/Filter/Find Vs For loop Vs For each Vs Lodash vs Ramda
Vue Boilerplate Template
🍎 Efficient development of web SPA using Vue.js(2.*) + Webpack + Element-ui + Pwa + Vuex + Vuex-router + Vue-i18n + Dayjs + Lodash.
Lodash Id
Makes it easy to manipulate id-based resources with lodash or lowdb
Lodash Php
Easy to use utility functions for everyday PHP projects. This is a port of the Lodash JS library to PHP
Webpack Boilerplate
A minimal webpack 5 boilerplate with only Babel, SASS and lodash (optional) on board
Non-Standard PHP Library - functional primitives toolbox and more
React Lodash
⚛️ 🔧 Lodash as React components
Eslint Config Auto
Automatically configure ESLint based on project dependencies
Ramda inspired library of helper functions for ReasonML
Promise Utils
Lodash-like, dependency-free utilities for native ES6 promises.
The Ridiculous Application of Reduce
🔍 _.haz() is like _.has() but this underscore and/or lodash mixin lets you do deep object key existence checking with a dot denoted string, for example 'a.b.c'
🚀 2KB lodash in typescript
Lodash for Golang
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